Badger Farm, Asterby nr. Louth

Recipient Meadow

Previously this site of almost 2ha was in cereal production before more recently being used as an occasional festival site so site clearance was needed before restoration works could begin. Badger Farm has two distinct areas - a plateau and a steep hillside - with the intitial stage of restoration being carried out on the plateau.

In summer 2014 green hay was cut from Red Hill, the donor Coronation Meadow nearby, was transported and spread at Badger Farm. The plant species targeted in the green hay included devil's-bit scabious, self-heal and red clover. Seed was also harvested from the donor site using a flail collector. This too was taken to Badger Farm and was broadcast over the entire site. The seed included plant species such as cowslip, bird's foot trefoil and autumn gentian and it is hoped that they will establish and thrive here.

Images © Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust