Ffleur’s November blog

Bore da everyone, welcome to my last blog.
My cousin’s and I are now grazing on our own at the Monmouthshire Coronation Meadow site – New Grove Meadows. We are going a really important job here, in grazing all of the grass that has regrown since the hay cut in August. This regrowth reduces the amount of light for next year’s wild flowers and they will struggle to complete against the grass.

The black sheep in the photograph are hebridean sheep which are also owned by Gwent Wildlife Trust. They are the most widely used sheep breed for conservation grazing so are much more common than us Hill Radnor’s. Hebridean’s browse scrub a lot more than us, so our joint grazing patterns form a great combination for nature reserve management.

We will be at New Grove Meadows until the New Year when we go back to Wyeswood Common and in April I will get to meet the next generation of conservation graziers!

I hope that you have enjoyed these blogs and maybe we will see you in the future.