HRH The Prince of Wales visits the Coronation Meadow for Caithness

HRH The Prince of Wales visited the Caithness Coronation Meadow on Monday 5th August 2013 and was met on arrival by the Lord Lieutenant for Caithness, Miss Anne Dunnett. Miss Dunnett presented Mr Hamish Pottinger, proprietor of Burn of Midsands who was accompanied by some of his family and grandchildren and Davie Black of Plantlife.
The site has access from the country road and HRH had a very interesting walk over part of the meadow. Mr. Ken Butler helped to identify the different plants. The Primula Scotia (scottish primrose ) was past its flowering stage but seed heads were seen. There is a large area of Juncus balticus (Baltic rush) and the Carex capillaris (Hair sedge) a few fragrant orchids were still in bloom, among many of the wild flowers which he saw. The area, as well as being well managed, is also home to the most northerly great yellow bumblebees and the small blue butterfly which feeds on the kidney-vetch Parnassia palustris which was coming into flower while the Frog orchid and Gentianella campestris were also found in profusion.
HRH Prince Charles was very interested to hear how the meadow is managed throughout the year and expressed his hopes to come and see it again. He expressed an interest in trying to get more farmers in the area to use part of their land for more meadows and was very pleased to meet  Mrs Land from Roxburghshire who may have a meadow for the scheme.
The day was sunny and calm and HRH seemed to be delighted with what he saw.

Mr Hamish Pottinger - Proprietor of Burn of Midsands, Caithness