Practitioners Workshop at the National Wildflower Centre

I had a fantastic day at the Coronation Meadows Restoration Practitioners Workshop 2016 which was held at the National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley. The day entailed a guided tour around the Centre where we learnt how wildflower seed was collected, cleaned and stored on a commercial basis. The Centre also trials planting species in different substrate – everything from chalk to recycled clothing. We had an interesting time looking around the substrate plots, identifying species. Our most amazing find was a bee orchid thriving in broken up tarmac!

Later, Coronation Meadows Project Officers had the opportunity to share ideas and techniques and consult with academics and organisations including Landlife, Ecoseeds, and OpenSpace . Topics included how to increase biodiversity on  more fertile sites, best practice for planting plugs, and  innovative  conservation approaches such as Landlife’s soil inversion project. I found the day extremely productive and informative, and will definitely be applying some of the useful hints and tips gained, to my meadow work.

Tanya St Pierre - Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) Haytime Officer