A helping hand from Biffa Award

This week staff from the Biffa Award got first-hand experience of the restoration work their project funding has enabled. At Loversall Carr in South Yorkshire, Programme Manager Gillian French and Grants Officer Irene Greenwood came to see the positive action on the ground and ended up with their own handfuls of wild flower seed to cast.  

Their tour of Coronation Meadow receptor sites was full of interest as they were guided through the results of the project’s ‘natural seeding’ process by Reserves Manager Jim Horsfall. Wild flowers such as ox-eye daisy, yellow rattle, quaking grass and common cat’s ear were evident amongst the grassy sward, clearly having been introduced from the species rich donors at Owston Meadows and Lower Maltby Meadow. ‘Sowing the rattle and meadow flower seed was the best part’ said Irene, ‘and it’s so good to see these sites in the round, meet everyone involved, and see the excellent work done on the ground’. This year Jim hopes to seed more meadows with funding from Biffa Award, significantly increasing the wildlife interest alongside the well-known Potteric Carr.