Open Day at Cumbria’s Coronation Meadow

Cumbria’s Coronation Meadow was officially opened for visitors to enjoy the meadows full of wild flowers at Piper Hole farm in Ravenstonedale. Frank Hunter, the farm manager, ran guided walks through the Coronation Meadow donor sites (all Sites of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation) – a real treat as these are not normally accessible to the public.  Others visitors enjoyed the meadows at their own pace, following a self guided walk route, or incorporated the farm in part of a longer walk loop taking in the Howgill Fells. The more energetic visitors (two had tandemmed several miles from Greystoke!) refuelled with pulled pork baguettes and cake at the farmstead, while all admired the milking goats and show poultry.

Meadow owners had a chance to discuss the management and restoration of their meadows with Frank and Claire Cornish from the Coronation Meadows project – it seems that interest in wildflower meadows is getting stronger and stronger