An update from Ffleur the lamb

Bore da, sorry its been a while since my first blog in early April, but I have spent most of this cold windy spring grazing with my cousins on Gwent Wildlife Trust’s Wyeswood Common nature reserve. During that time my mum and the rest of the adults had their long woolly coats removed in a process called shearing which made them all look skinny! Wyeswood Common is one of the grassland sites that is being restored to wildflower--rich meadow by the Trust as part of the Coronation Meadows project, so hopefully over the next few years there will be a wider range of tasty flowers for us to nibble.  

I have recently been told that we will soon be able to go and graze fields on our own away from the adults – freedom at last!
Some of these fields form the Coronation Meadow site for Monmouthshire – New Grove Meadows - which is where the widlflower seed to restore Wyeswood Common is coming from.  Here is a picture of  one of the New Grove Meadows fields in high summer. 

These fields will soon be cut for hay and then we will be there grazing the aftermath from October onwards.