Crocknorth Meadow, East Horsley

Recipient Meadow

Crocknorth Meadow was originally part of Crocknorth Farm which existed back in the 1500s and has been used predominantly as pasture. It has been extensively managed by the current private owners and frequently lays wet over the winter months. Five years ago when the current owners purchased the field it was overgrown with docs and thistles. 

Restoration of the 2.4 ha site commenced, with support from Weald Meadows Partnership, in 2014. Despite preparatory work and liaison with Surrey Wildlife Trust, Crocknorth was not a match with Cowslip Meadows, the Coronation Meadow for Surrey. Crocknorth has sandy loam soils with a pH below 6 and Cowslip Meadws is chalk grassland. Therefore it was agreed that the West Sussex Coronation Meadow, Valebridge Common was the best donor meadow.

Using seed from Valebridge Common and over 1500 plugs we hope to increase the amounts of wildflowers and especially species such as Black knapweed - Centaurea nigra, Red clover - Trifolium pratense, Bird’s-foot trefoil - Lotus corniculatus, Meadow Vetchling - Lathyrus pratensis  and annual wildflowers such as; Fairy flax - Linum catharticum & Yellow rattle - Rhinanthus minor & perennial Weald specialist Dyers Greenweed - Genista tinctoria.

In private ownership