Hoe Road Memorial Meadow, Bishops Waltham

Coronation Meadow

"A small but perfectly formed classic hay meadow, cherished by locals as a place to enjoy wildflowers and butterflies"

This flower-rich hay meadow which lies within easy access of Bishop's Waltham was donated to the Trust as a memorial by Nancy Mason 20 years ago. On a bright summer's day the meadow shimmers with small copper and common blue butterflies, flitting between the many wildflowers including oxeye daisy, bird's-foot-trefoil, pepper saxifrage and field scabious. Listen out for yellowhammer in the breeding season. In the winter the surrounding hedgerows provide plentiful food for the flocks of fieldfare and redwing, which are escaping the colder weather in Scandinavia.

- Dave Rumble, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Image above © Dan Merrett

Species to spot

  • Oxeye daisy

    Best time to see: June - Aug.

    Large and daisy-like, the oxeye tends to bloom around midsummer and in fact is called the Sunnwendbleaml - or 'solstice flower' - in Austria. Before the 16th century it was known as the 'Moon Daisy' or 'Dog Daisy'.

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  • Yellow rattle

    Best time to see: May - Sept.

    A semi-parasitic flower, that feeds off nutrients in nearby grass roots. In doing so it helps restrict the vigorous grasses, allowing more delicate wildflowers to emerge. Its 'rattle' is from tiny seeds in their pods.

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