Kittochside, East Kilbride

Coronation Meadow

"A little oasis in the middle of an intensively managed landscape."

- Davie Black, Plantlife Scotland

Only 30 minutes drive from the centre of Glasgow, this meadow is one of the best examples of an unimproved grassland in central Scotland. Full of sweet vernal grass  and devil’s-bit scabious, it is home the largest population of frog orchid in the region. Other gems include wild pansy, with its cheerful yellow and blue flowers, and burnet saxifrage. In summer, it is a hive of insect activity. The meadow is part of Wester Kittochside historic working farm, and is grazed by approximately 30 cows (with calves) in summer months from the 1st May to the 31st October. 


Species to spot

  • Devil’s-bit scabious

    Best time to see: June - Sept.

    A pink pin-cushion-like flower which our ancestors believed cured scabies (hence "scabious"). It has short, stubby roots which - according to legend - were bitten off by the Devil to prevent its healing powers.

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