Moseley Bog & Joy’s Wood Nature Reserve, Birmingham

Recipient Meadow

Moseley Bog, which famously inspired JRR Tolkien, is a surviving piece of a landscape which has now mostly gone from this part of Birmingham. This enchanting woodland and fenland is so rich in wildlife that it was declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in 1980.

Joy’s Wood is the youngest part of this nature reserve and has a very different history. The area is ‘made ground’ which was created when huge amounts of waste material were dumped in the natural valley of the Coldbath Brook. Despite its difficult history, this area is now a haven of created grassland and woodland which supports numerous plants and animals.

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country aims to make Joy’s Wood even more beautiful. We strew green hay from our donor site, Illey Pastures, over four of the reserve’s meadows in the summer and look forward to seeing more wild flowers thriving here in the future.