New meadow at Marsden Old Quarry LNR

Recipient Meadow

Marsden Old Quarry has a mosaic of habitats including areas of CG8 Grassland, Magnesian Limestone Grassland and Lowland Meadow & Pasture. Seed was collected primarily from areas of magnesian limestone grassland, but also from the other grassland types named above. Target species included blue moor grass, kidney vetch, carline thistle, birds foot trefoil, salad burnet, hawkweeds, quaking grass plus many others. Seed was collected by volunteers by hand and using a stihl seed harvester machine.

An area at the site was earmarked for new meadow creation and here, using a 360 wheeled excavator, dozer and dumper, the vegetation and topsoil were scraped off to the underlying bedrock leaving a thin layer of soil. The soil and vegetation were taken to a designated area on site and graded into the landscape. Seed collected from the Coronation Meadow donor site was mixed with sand and spread by hand on the stripped area with further seed collection and sowing planned for next year.