Drive Field, Cuckfield

Recipient Meadow

Drive Field, so called as it runs along the length of the farm driveway, has been pasture for over 15 years. It is traditionally farmed by private owners, using rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor and native LLeyn sheep.

Restoration of the 1.72ha, as the first West Sussex Coronation Meadows receptor commenced with support from Weald Meadows Partnership in 2014. In total the site has been enhanced with 25kg of seed. 

Using seed from Valebridge Common donor Coronation Meadow we hope to increase the amounts of wildflowers and especially species such as Black knapweed - Centaurea nigra, Red clover - Trifolium pratense, Bird’s-foot trefoil - Lotus corniculatus, Meadow Vetchling - Lathyrus pratensis and annual wildflowers such as; Fairy flax - Linum catharticum and Yellow rattle - Rhinanthus minor along with perennial Weald specialist Dyers Greenweed - Genista tinctoria.