West Field, Home Farm, Wakehurst

Recipient Meadow

West Field, Home Farm has been permanent pasture for the past 25 years and grazed as part of a deer farm. Since Kew took ownership of the land in 2012 the area has been managed as hay meadow.

Restoration works began here in 2015 when 40kg of wild harvested meadow seed was hand sown with the help of children from Woodlands Meed, a school for young people with a wide range of special needs.The seed had been harvested over the summer months from Bedelands Nature Reserve, the donor Coronation Meadow. West Field was prepared by chain harrowing the ground to expose 30 – 50% bare earth and the work was assisted by the Working Horse Trust. The Working Horse Trust were onsite during the day to help roll in the seed after sowing.

It is hoped that through this and future planned restoration works that species such as oxeye daisy, meadow vetchling, rough hawkbit and common knapweed will establish here.

Owned and managed by

Royal Botanic Garden Kew Wakehurst