Land at The Inn at Whitewell

Recipient Meadow

This site of 1.3ha sits within the corridor of the River Hodder, adjacent to The Inn at Whitewell, a traditional rural Inn. In the first stage of restoration during summer 2013, green hay and seed from Bell Sykes Farm Meadows was spread over the land here. 

In summer 2014, further works to enhance the meadow began with 340 plugs being planted, following the annual hay cut. These plug plants included plantain, red clover, meadow vetchling, melancholy thistle and meadow cranesbill - all grown from seed harvested at Bell Sykes Farm Meadows. Funding from BiffaAward during 2014 and 2015 enabled us to commission the production of 1300 plug plants from a local project supporting people recovering from drug and alcohol dependency. The seed was harvested by hand from Bell Sykes in the summer of 2013 & 4. These have now been planted out on site during late summer 2015, with the help of local volunteers.

Survey of the site in June 2015 has shown that several species have established well from the plug plants planted in 2014. These include meadow vetchling, melancholy thistle, hawkbit, plantain and red clover.