Moorend Spout, Nailsea

Recipient Meadow

Moorend Spout is a site of 2.4ha, so called because of the waterfall or 'spout' at the reserve. The northern boundary has a man-made leat, River Land Yeo, constructed in the 13th - 14th century by monks to provide water to the nearby Tickenham Mill.

Enhancement work began in 2014 on the eastern hectare, with the remainder planned in future years. The site was close mown and power harrowed before the bales of green hay, taken from nearby Netcotts Meadow, were spread using a muck spreader. The work was carried out by a neighbouring farmer with members of the Nailsea Environment Wildlife Trust (the community group that owns the site) and overseen by Avon Wildlife Trust. Dexters were then brought in, in the autumn, to tread in the seed and to graze the grass regrowth.

Header image above © Joe Middleton, Avon Wildlife Trust