Wyeswood Common, Trellech

Recipient Meadow

Wyeswood Common was purchased by Gwent Wildlife Trust in 2008 following a fundraising campaign. This 42ha site of dairy pasture is being transformed by the Trust from what was modern agricultural land – impoverished as far as wildlife was concerned – into an intricate mosaic of habitats rich in biodiversity.

As part of this ambition, wildflower seed harvesting was carried out at New Grove Meadows, donor Coronation Meadow for Monmouthshire, in July 2014. The seed was then dried and processed during the days following to ensure it was ready for application in September/October. In addition to this, 120 bales of green hay were cut and baled on the same day from the other part of the Coronation Meadows at New Grove. The bales were transported to Wyeswood Common where the hay was strewn by volunteers in a field just under 4 hectares in size, which had been harrowed in preparation. The field was rolled after application and subsequently grazed by cattle. It is hoped that through  these methods, plant species such as common spotted orchid, yellow rattle and bird's foot trefoil will establish here in the future.

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